Scott Marvel Cassidy

Solo Exhibitions
2022 "Marketa and Maria" SOLDES Los Angeles CA
2016 "Levitate The White House"  Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA) Occidental College Los Angeles CA
2008 "Angels And Skeletons Eat Ghosts" Gallery St. Barthelemy
2007 "Untitled" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadelphia PA
2002 "New Work" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadelphia PA
2001 "Top 10" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadelphia PA
1994 "Kinetic Color Fields" Carbon 14 Gallery Philadelphia PA

Group Exhibitions
2024 "Nocturne" Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago Illinois
         "Nouveau Bozeau" BOZOMAG Los ANgeles CA
2023"Black holes- In Front Of" New works by Alice Konitz and Scott Marvel   Cassidy Los Angles CA
NADA Art Fair. La Loma Projects Miami FLA
2022 "Fragments Are The Only Forms I Trust" White Columns, online. NYC NY
2019 "Dream House vs. Punk House (Plus Cat House) Serious Topics Los Angeles CA
2015 "Bad Boys Bail Bonds Adopt A Highway." Team Gallery NYC
2013 "Good Intentions"  Subliminal Gallery Los Angeles CA
2012 "Artists Merchandising Art" Wonderlach Kellerland LA Atwater CA
"You Sunk My Battleship" Autonomie Gallery Los Angeles CA
2011 "Interchange" Curated by Anna Meliksetian Projects Los Angeles CA
2010 "Private Future" Curated By Micheal Cline Marc Jancou Contemporary New York City NY
"Dark Entries" Galerie Anaiis Los Angeles CA
"From Johnson" Northern; The Olympia All Ages Project. Olympia Washington
"Stille Post" Kinkead Gallery Los Angeles CA
2008 "LA Weekley Biennial Show" Track 16 Santa Monica CA
"It's A Celebration @#$%^!" Circus Gallery Los Angeles CA
"It's a Celebration @#$%^!" Circus Gallery at Burning Man Black Rock Nevada
2007 "Acute" UC Irvine. Irvine California
"One Foot High and Rising" Curated by Pentti Monkkonen The Balmoral Venice CA
"Time Machine" High Energy Constructs Chinatown CA
"Show" Jail Gallery Los Angels CA
2006 "JSA" Rental GAllery Los Angeles CA
"Chain Letter" High Energy Constructs Chinatown CA
"Ab Ovo" Area 1 Santa Monica Ca, Rolfe Rick Gallery Cologne, Angstrom Gallery Texas.
"Many Many Guys and Girls, All Real Beauties" Circus Of Books, West Hollywood CA
"The Black Show" David Patton Gallery Los Angeles CA
"Invisible Graffitti : Magnet Show" Brooklyn NY
2005 "Ab Ovo" Steven Wolfe Fine Arts San Francisco CA
"Scarab" Lump Gallery Raleigh NC
"Summer Friends With New Roses" Temple Gallery Philadelphia PA
2004 "Faith" Curated By Matt Johnson Champion Fine Art Los Angeles CA
"100 Artists See Satan" Grand Central Art Center Fullerton CA
"Grubstake By Nature's Radio" Basekamp Philadelphia PA
"Komando Pfannenkuchen" Daniel Hug Gallery Los Angeles CA
"Scarab" The Project Room Philadelphia PA
2003 "Off The Wagon" 1026 Space Philadlephia PA
"Group Show" Schmidt Dean GAllery Philadelphia PA
 2001 "Snapshots" Contemporary Museum Baltimore MD
2000 "Plant Life" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadlephia PA
"Mal Odor" Dirt Gallery Los Angeles CA
"C'est La Vie" Dirt Gallery Los Angeles
1999 "Louis Brawley, Scott Cassidy, Michelle Strader" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadlephia PA
1998 "35th Anniversary Benefit" Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia PA
"Identity Show" Philadelphia Art Alliance Philadelphia PA
1995 "25 x 25; John Cage" The Print Club Philadelphia PA
"The Drawing Show" Carbon 14 Gallery Philadelphia PA
1994 "Group Show" Roger LaPelle Gallery Philadelphia PA
"Pennsylvania Academy Fellowship Show" American College Bryn Mawr PA
 1993 "Pennsylvania Academy Fellowship Show" Woodmere Art Museum Chestnut Hill PA 
1992 Max Fish New York New York


2008 "LA Law" Schmidt Dean Gallery Philadelphia PA


2013 The Poetry Project Feb./March
2012 The Kite Vol.2 Edited by Pentti Monkkonen
2008 "Mirror Face or Cha Cha House" 
2006 "Ephebic Hobbledehoy" Vol. 1
2005 Cassidy, Scott and Weisman, Benjamin. "Harry Prince", Ab Ovo, Nothing Moments Publishing 2005 pp.131-135
2003 "Spring Journal" Issue 3 Editor, Daniel Mendel Black
2001 "I Was There" Editor, Brittany Sanders
1990-98 "St. Ink" Editor, P. Shaw Issues 1-7
1994-98 "Popwatch" Issues 5-6

Residencies and Grants

2012 Creative Capacity Fund, Quick Grant Program
2009 The Vermont Studio Center Johnson VT 
2007 St. Barthelemy
1999 Yaddo, Saratoga Springs NY
1998 The Macdowell Colony, Peterborough NH

2022 Doug Harvey "Marvelous Pandemic"
2015 Alicia Eler "Dreaming of the Real: Observing Artist Scott Marvel Cassidy"  June 26, 2015
2008 Edith Newhall "What Happens When Things Collide" Philadelphia Inquirer Jan. 11 2008
2002 Roberta Fallon "Obsessive Propulsive" Philadelphia Weekly Dec. 25 2002
Lori Hill "First Friday Focus" City Paper Dec. 5-11 2002
2001 Micheal O'Sullivan "1,300 Snapshots, One Surreal Show" Washington Post Nov. 17 2000
2000 Roberta Fallon "Greener Pastures" Philadelphia Weekly Dec. 27 2000
1999 Edward J. Sozanski "Abstract Realism?" The Philadelphia Inquirer May 7 1999


Thomas Jefferson Bank, Philadelphia PA
Merck Pharmaceuticals, Delaware


1989-94 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts